Batige, home builder in Alsace

Batige Home Builder was created by J.M. Kleinhans in 1975 and our company devotes its energy and skills toone purpose: building individual houses. We undertake to provide our knowledge to Alsatian, English and Swiss customers who want to live in a personalised, innovative and responsible house. Indeed, a building project can only be successful if we listen to our customers and interact with them, that is why our job is to build individual houses that look like you and make you feel different.

Thanks to Batige, you can make your dream come true

The head office is in Bartenheim. Today, the company is managed by Mr. Bennatan and O. Karadag and we start projects which respect our values: personalisation, sustainable development and innovation.

First, Batige wants customers to personalise their project : we offer plenty of different houses of particular ranges but also tailored houses which are most of the time associated with an available building land.

Furthermore, Batige is involved in sustainable development : economical buildings are one of our values. Indeed, we respect the environment by trying to save energy and by using environment-friendly materials in the services we provide. Since 2013, we have implemented Grenelle Environment RT2012 regulation imposing a 50 kWh/m2/year consumption for a house as well as optimising its energy.

This regulation is made up of 3 rules:

  • Energetic efficiency of houses : we limit energy consumption to heating, cooling and lighting but also independently optimise energy systems which are implemented.
  • Energy consumption of houses : we adapt the heating system to consume less.
  • Comfort in summer in houses without a cooling system : we adapt our equipment to make the houses more economical and more comfortable in summer.

Finally, our last value is innovation : since we want to be top-of-the-art, we adapt our products to the latest market requirements to keep offering more new items and better quality. We are constantly aware of the emergence of new regulated and environment-friendly techniques.

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